• Habitat Creation
    and Management

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Brushdale has created a wide range of habitat to compensate for loss or to increase the habitat available to protected species as part of an ecological mitigation plan.

Our Habitat Creation and Management services are often aligned to the creation of wildlife ponds


  • Complete and bespoke Receptor Sites created.

  • Thinning out of existing habitat to create areas which benefit from increased natural light.

  • Specialised seeding for receptor areas or pond margins and the creation of meadow or particular habitat as outlined in ecological plans.

  • Trees, shrubs, hedges and other plants supplied and professionally planted.

  • Cost-effective maintenance plans ensuring habitat does not deteriorate or become overgrown.

  • Mowing of habitat to meet management plans.

  • Tree felling/pruning and pollarding.

  • Clearance of vegetation in ecologically sensitive
    areas eg Dormouse hedgerows.

  • Pond and stream de-silting and management.

  • Aquatic planting and ongoing management.

  • Supply and installation of Post and Rail/Wire Fence and Tree Protection Fence/Guards.

  • Construction of Otter Holts.

  • Wildlife Tunnels.

  • Translocation of turf and plants.

  • Construction of hibernacula, log piles, compost piles, Devon hedge banks and other such features.

  • Supply and installation of bird and bat boxes.

  • Supply and installation of bird netting on trees, hedges and other structures.

  • Marram and Grass translocation.

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