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    and Wetland

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Brushdale specialise in creating ponds and surrounding wetland habitat, especially for the benefit of Great Crested Newts. Ponds of any size can be created with depths and contours to comply with specifications written as part of licensed newt translocation work.

Our services also include:


  • Lining of ponds where ground conditions do not guarantee water retention.

  • Import of water for ponds when time cannot allow natural filling.

  • Supply and planting of a wide range of high quality aquatic plants suitable for Great Crested Newts.

  • Rapid planting of ponds using coir matting embedded with established plants.

  • Supply and installation of safety signage and equipment.

  • Creation of shallow scrapes to extend the wetland habitat.

  • Creation of bunds and mounds, planted (as required) with appropriate plant species.

  • Creation of Hibernacula and other refugia nearby.

  • Seeding of pond margins/surrounds.

  • Artificial egg laying strips.

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